I'm not sure that there is a state in which a woman is more powerful, more vibrant, more beautiful, than when she is on the verge of bringing a new life into this world.

Being able to capture a woman in this season of her life is one of my highest honors as a photographer. This shoot was no different.

I remember being on the cusp of giving birth...each pregnancy presented it's own challenges. However, the most significant one would be the sheer difficulty in doing nearly everything. The thoughts I had in my head and, sometimes, even in my words, reflected not power or beauty...but of negativity because my body had undergone changes that rendered it less than beautiful by societal standards.

Stretchmarks, bloating, grunting at every needed movement had me feeling some kind of way. Had I only had someone in my younger years show me the beauty of that season...the power of those moments...and, that I would have listened.

I think that's why I am so very passionate about the maternity shoots that I do. I long to transfer that wisdom to another mama struggling to see her much-ness. To help another woman to see her beauty is a gift.

Hang in there, mama.



There are few things I love as much as I love newborn photoshoots. Births, maybe. But DEFINITELY newborn photoshoots. This sweet soul was a welcome surprise, as she came a week early (and weighed over 8lbs!) and just a couple of DAYS after Mama's maternity shoot. That was a quick turnaround!

I always feel so very blessed to capture images of such pure beauty and innocence. Babies grow by the day, and to be able to record this brand new stage before the next beautiful transitions of childhood.